Virtual Space Emulator for Dual Space Android

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Virtual Android is a standalone virtual operating system for your Android device.

Virtual Android is a standalone virtual operating system for your Android device.

Double the power of your Android device and run full copies of your operating system at the same time - get faster performance, multiple accounts, protect your privacy and have more fun in one device.

Virtual Android creates a virtual partition on your mobile device and runs a copy of Android on each parallel space. It's like using two separate cell phones! Using this virtual machine for Android, you can go from local system to virtual system with one tap and log into multiple accounts at the same time. Games and apps in the parallel environment of the emulator can easily run in the background, allowing you to seamlessly switch between virtual copies of your device.

【Free and easy to use Android virtual environment】
Similar to a free cloud phone, but even more powerful! We support almost all social apps and games, which means you can have two WhatsApps, Sharechat, Snapchat, FreeFire, and many other apps at the push of a button. Log into multiple accounts on one device and switch between them with a single tap, receive messages and notifications from all accounts you're signed in on and switch between them effortlessly.

【Independent virtual GPU ensures multiple copies run smoothly】
Virtual Android supports a separate virtual GPU. Because it is important? It is what sets us apart from other virtual apps and clones! Every copy of Android running on your device has a dedicated virtual GPU, which means games and apps run smoothly in the background. You can play two FreeFire games at the same time, and copies of the game running in the background will not pay the price if you have an incoming call or other activity on your device. Just like bringing emulators like Bluestacks and Nox to your phone. Enjoy premium graphics in your clone apps that our competitors can't beat!

【Enjoy multiple copies of an app online at the same time】
Games and apps are cloned after being imported into Virtual Android, which means you can run multiple accounts simultaneously on one device via our high-speed virtual system. Use our virtual environment to your advantage and simultaneously enjoy double copies of your favorite instant messaging applications or parallel copies of your favorite game to double your experience. We support everything!

Frequently asked questions for developers:
one. How much disk space does Virtual Android need?
Virtual Android runs a completely new Android 7 system. It needs to download around 600MB of rom data and takes around 2.5GB of disk space to work. It will use more disk space if applications are installed or updated.
2. Is it possible to install Virtual Android in multi-user? Some apps are not supported if Virtual Android is not installed on the device owner or administrator.
3. What to do if a download problem occurs?
We depend on Google's AAB server for the distribution of the rom data. Restart when stuck. If the restart doesn't work, update the Google Mobile Services components on your host computers and reinstall Virtual Android with sufficient disk space.
4.What to do if Virtual Android can't start?
In most cases, some system files are damaged. Make sure you have enough disk space and reboot. If the restart doesn't work, reinstall Virtual Android. If reinstallation doesn't work or you don't want to reinstall, please wait for a new version.
5.What to do if there is a network problem in Virtual Android?
Try changing the DNS to an available address, for example, in Advanced Settings. It can solve some network problems.

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