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Free Fire (FF) Illuminate theme update. New weapons, new pairings, character upgrades and other.

Free Fire (FF) has made an update with the Illuminate theme since Wednesday. With this update, players can access new weapons, new pairings, character upgrades and other features.

This update was made based on some input from Free Fire players around the world. Are you curious about the Free Fire updates in January 2022? Here is the full discussion. Character

  • Skyler: added a new feature (Riptide Rhythm). Players can now aim for greater accuracy.
  • Olivia: Revived players will gain more HP (70 HP to 80 HP).
  • Xayne - Increases Gloo Wall and protects damage (from 100% to 150%).
  • It lasts longer (10-15 seconds) and has a shorter recovery time (100-80 seconds).
  • Maximum: The speed at which you eat mushrooms and use the medicine cabinet is slower (30% to 25%).

assault team

  • The new map of the Alps is now available in the Clash Squad and Clash Squad ranked modes.
  • New areas, Hangar and Nurek Dam, have been added to the Bermuda map.
  • The Bermuda map makes changes to Equator, Mars Electric, and Mill.
  • Airdrop bonuses will land on the map every round in classic Clash Squad mode.

Real battle

  • Added the remastered Nurek Dam area of ​​Bermuda to the Bermuda map.
  • Adjusted the time and speed of the first reduced safe zones to increase the speed of each match in the classic Battle Royale mode.
  • Players who parachute after reviving will receive a level 1 helmet, a level 1 vest, G18, and will face the safe zone by default.

Weapons and equipment

  • A new weapon called the Charge Buster is added.
  • Weapon suitable for M1014, SPAS12, M1887, MAG-7, UMP, MP5, MP40, P90, Thompson, MAC10, Mini Uzi, Vector, M500, SCAR, AUG, Kingfisher, Flashbang. Explosive protection added to the vest.
  • Training camps
  • New targets in the form of enemies have been added to training camps.

how to play

Weapon tags will be displayed on the player's backpack for quick reference to use.

Artisan land

The new matchmaking will be available in Craftland. The most popular random map for the match will be awarded.

More updates

  • Optimized for gameplay and fluidity on Alpine
  • Automatically equip all items obtained from the Weapon Chest in Training Camp
  • Improved the effect of the explosion in Bomb Squad mode
  • Tap the shotgun and pistol ammo icon.
  • Like button when a teammate performs First Blood, Triple Kill, or Quadra Kill
  • Customizable item retrieval priority for auto capture settings
  • Selectable: During a game, mute all messages or simply mute the sound
  • Collection tab moved to Vault
  • The Fitting Room adds up to 2 presets for your costumes and outfits.
  • Activate the replay function to automatically save the last 10 games
  • Both kills and assists qualify for the first daily victory mission in Rank Battle Royale mode.
  • The leather backpack becomes transparent when the sights overlap, preventing blocking of the view.

Now you can download FF Illuminate Apk from the link we share bellow.

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