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App Lock can be applied for Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings and Incoming Calls and any app

Number 1 For applications lock in more than 50 open countries, it supports 45 protection of your language and privacy with password, style and fingerprint.

Applock can be applied to Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings and Incoming Calls and any app.

Prevent unauthorized access and privacy.

Security ensures that pictures and videos can be hidden.

Hidden images and videos are missing from the exhibition and can only be seen in images and videos.

Save your memories quickly. No pins, nothing to do. Applock has a random keyboard and invisible lock style.

Don't worry about the people looking at the brooch or the styles. Good! With Asplock you can: don't worry about your parents, check your Snapchat, Tiktok!

Don't worry about lending your phone to your friends, so you can play portable information again! Don't worry, the employee picks up your phone to watch the show again! Don't worry about reading your applications! Don't worry about messing up your settings, send bad news and play again.


1) How to change the password? Open Applack, protect, open settings

2) How do you open a secret program?

Please update to the latest version, try the following four methods to unlock the hidden dream:

1. Open the photo gallery, select an image and click the "Deelen" button. Find "open sleep" and click.

2. Touch and hold the widgets on the home screen and touch the widgets. Find "open sleep" and drag it to the main screen.

3. Enter the prompt * # * # 12345 # * # * on the keyboard.

4. Browser Open any browser link:

3) How can I prevent the removal of Applock? Enable AppLock protection to delete or delete anyone without a password. If you don't want to, you can remove advanced protection.

4) I forgot my password, how can I find it? Update the former to the latest version. Then click the Applack icon, click the icon in the upper right corner of the lock screen, then click Forgot Password.

1. Security and: Enter your security answer and click Reset password.

2. Email Security: Click Send Email Security Code, enter the reset icon and click Reset Password.

--- Mission ---
• Lock apps with password, gesture or fingerprint lock.
• Safe: Hide photos and videos
• good designs
• Hidden browser: no date stamp
• Your SNS: Log in to multiple accounts
• Sylvie Dakhil: lasting Photoshop.
• Custom background, choose your favorite image
• Custom Profiles: Place different locked groups in the app
• Slot time: automatic locking / unlocking based on time
• Site by site: automatic blocking / unblocking by site
• Hide slap icon
• Advanced Protection: Avoid the dead standard of assassins
• Random keyboard: People cannot see your PIN code
• Compulsory coverage coverage
• Slot switch (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pairing)
• WIDGET APPLACK: enable / cancel Applack with one click
• Quick lock key: locks / unlocks the notification bar
• Slot system configuration to avoid inconvenience to children
• Short-Term Exit - You don't need to re-enter your password, style or fingerprint at a specific time
• Avoid installing programs
• Use little memory. • energy saving

Appock uses the benefits of Device Manager. To enable advanced security, enable AppLock as a device administrator. It is only used to prevent hackers from removing the device. Applack uses access.

Create login services to enable power saving mode. The service is only used to remind users that they are having trouble opening and to reduce battery consumption.

Make sure Applock doesn't use these access rights to never access your information.

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